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Starlight Meditation with Daniel Hyman

Fee: $22 at door

Please register online, Minimum attendants 5 required.

* Also Private (one-on-one) session with Daniel is available by appointment. $125/one-hour. Please call Harumi, 480-768-7570

Starlight Energy Meditation Outline:

15 minute - Introduction
10 minute - Chakra clearing to open everyones energy field to receive Starlight Energies
35 minutes - Group Starlight Energy Healing Session
30 minutes - Sharing and Q&A with intuitive guidance offerings - Closing Circle

During this powerful, group energy-healing session you will:

Experience energies unlike any you have experienced until now.
Permanently heal energy blocks, stemming from the pain and trauma of past events, experiences, and relationships, that are stopping you from seeing clearly and living in the present moment.
Become grounded and fully connected to Mother Earth.
Accelerate your access to intuition, knowledge, and ancient wisdom—allowing you to make choices and decisions that are in alignment with your heart and soul’s purpose.

About Daniel: Co-founder of Infinite Beginnings, Daniel Hyman began his spiritual journey in 2007. Led by his higher self and a quest to embody self love, Daniel has spent the past decade learning how to heal and to manifest heart-driven success in all areas of his life. The source of his results is the gift and tool of Starlight Energies. These energies have taught Daniel that the quickest way to manifest and create is through energy healing. Daniel’s true gift is his ability to help others accelerate their healing and spiritual awakening processes through Starlight Energies. He empowers others to open up to infinite possibilities in their lives, just as he has for himself. This Baltimore, Maryland native resides in Sedona, Arizona, where he and his spiritual teacher and business partner, “starlight”, facilitate magical and life-changing experiences for all who visit their retreat space there.

Starlight Energies are energies of the NEW EARTH and 7th Dimension that are 100% love and light.
These energies are gifts waiting to open the “STAR”, the ”LIGHT, THAT IS YOU”.
All you need to do is say, “YES” to the power of “DIVINE LOVE” and the “STAR”, the “LIGHT THAT IS YOU”.