Harumi Maejima, E-500RYT,


Meditation Instructor and Therapeutic Life Mentor


Owner/ Director, C-IAYT, E-500 RYT,  YCEP, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner, Faculty and Mentor, Certified Embodied Therapeutic Life Mentor, Member of Kripalu Teachers Association, CPR and First Aid Certified. For more information and questions, please contact Harumi, 480-768-7570 or email,  harumiyoga@me.com

What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy? How will I benefit?

Through a combination of classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary mind-body psychology, encourages this deeper connection with Self. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is an experiential and introspective process that allows the client to explore the connection between what is happening in their bodies with what is happening in their life. The session combines practitioner assisted gentle stretches and yoga postures with an open ended dialogue of self exploration. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a powerful tool for exploring the body-mind that capable of meeting you were you are regardless of your age, gender, body type, fitness level of physical condition.

Watch this video: https://youtu.be/YbgOF4ZXNlQ

Clients often report that through this healing modality they were able to tap into their own inner wisdom and they experienced:

  • Improved physical and mental well-being.

  • A feeling of deep relaxation.

  • Help to find connection with your behavioral and physical patters.

  • Proved physical and mental well-being.

  • Alleviated pain caused by tension and stiff joints

  • Developed a sense of self-discovery and growth

  • Gained greater emotional and body awareness and clarity.

  • Cultivated a new relationship for handling stress and anxieties.

How does Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy work? What do I expect?

During a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session, the three elements of Body, Mind and Emotions are explored. Harumi will guide you through combinations of a stretch or a posture with the breath, facilitating a state of presence in the moment. With awareness focused on your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, Harumi will guide you into an internal dialogue about what is happening in your body. This is a key into opening a gateway to deeper inner awareness and self examination, without judgment, and allowing you to experience awareness in your three dimensions of being. Breath and moments of pause can then offer you opportunities to go deep inside and rest in the sacred space of unlimited awareness.

How do I prepare for a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session?

  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. You do not need to bring anything else to your session.

  • You should avoid eating a heavy meal prior to your session. Allow ~2 hour for digestion.

  • We will work on a futon or padded mat so there is no need to bring yoga mat with you.

  • Most of the session is done with eyes closed.

  • No prior yoga experience, flexibility or meditation is required.

  • Just bring your body!


Call Harumi for an appointment, (480) 768-7570, or send email to harumiyoga@me.com. Fee:  60  Minutes, $160

Private Yoga Session with Harumi 60

Embodied Therapeutic Life Mentoring Session

Do you want to “Change” and embrace an inspired lifestyle that connects mind, body, and spirit and you are willing to do the work. Harumi will help you to  identify the most significant aspect of life that wish to change or shift.  It can range from creating more meaningful relationships to launching a new career successfully that is in accord with one’s life dream, or simply overcoming an undesirable habit. Incorporated into the  one-on-one sessions with client valuable ongoing mentoring, and post session follow up.  “Make Shift Happening your life ”.

As your mentor, first I guide  you with body movements using yoga postures and listening deeply.  We  will co-create practices that explore your body.  It will be my job to hold you accountable in a non-judgmental way, so you can follow your body and heart . Find out what's really you desire to change to live an extraordinary life.

This is one-on-one session can be done by remote using high secure live camera. Call Harumi for an appointment, (480) 768-7570, or send email to harumiyoga@me.com. Fee:  60 Minutes, $90.

One- on- One Meditation Instruction Session

New to Meditation? Do not know how to start meditation? What kind of meditation are there? If you have these questions, Harumi will help you to start by guiding step by step.  Call Harumi for an appointment, (480) 768-7570, or send email to harumiyoga@me.com. Fee:  60 Minutes, $80.

One-on One Yoga to Private Group Session with Harumi Fee:  60 Minutes, $110, additional person $25, available for house call and home visit for your party. Please contact Harumi for details.

Yoga Teacher vs. Yoga Therapist / C- IAYT ?

-Total Training Hours
Yoga Alliance 200+ hours / IAYT 1000 + hours

-Yoga Philosophy Training
Yoga Alliance 30 hours minimum / IAYT 120 hours minimum

-Biomedical/ Psychology Training
Yoga Alliance 20 hours minimum / IAYT 155 hours minimum

-Yoga Tools Adapted to the Individual’s Needs
Yoga Alliance 0 hours minimum / IAYT 140 hours minimum

-Supervised Clinical Practicum
Yoga Alliance 0 hours minimum / IAYT 205 hours minimum

-Practice Teaching and Assisting a Teacher
Yoga Alliance 10 hours minimum / IAYT 140 hours minimum

Additional education: 

Assessment (formal) of the Individual Client Before First Session

Assessment Based on Yoga Philosophy Lens 

Therapeutic Plan Written Based on Assessment (formal) of the Individual Client Before First Session 

On-going Assessment & Tracking (formal) of the Individual Client 

Functional Group Classes for Health Conditions with Individual Assessment of Each Person 

Functional Group Classes for Health Conditions without Individual Assessment of Each Person 

Individual Sessions with Therapy Clients with Problems on All 5 Layers of the Pancha Maya System 

Focusing on Body Parts vs. Whole Person Integration Body Parts or Possibly Whole Person 

Focus on the Whole Person and Inter-related Layers. Pre-planned classes