LOVE for All Mothers Happy Mothers Day

Mother's Day Poem.


I stand with the grandmothers, the mothers, the sisters of Earth

I stand for the birds, the animals, the fish

I stand for the trees, the plants, the rocks

I stand for sparkling clean water I stand for bright clean air

I stand for a healthy green Earth 

I stand for truth

I stand for love

I stand for hope  

I stand for the children so one day when my children’s children ask, “What did you do?”

I can say,  

I stood with women of all nations, all races,

all religions for a better future for the seventh generation  

I stood so every child has nourishment, every child has love, every child has a home  

I am a Grandmother,

I stand now and forever for the Earth, our home  

Heart to Heart, our message goes out across the Earth  

Will you stand with me?  

-----J.B. Prince

I love my mom who is in Japan being a teacher still at 81 years old. She inspire me.

I love all moms!