Celebrating 8th Year Anniversary!

Harumi Yoga + Holistic Healing House and Meditation Center in Scottsdale

Harumi Yoga+ offers variety of Yoga, Meditation, Japanese Medicine, Accupuncture,  Sound Healing, BowenWork and Cranial Sacral,  Somatic Yoga Therapy and Workshops that allow you to learn and deepen your practice and total Wellness.
We invite you to explore the state of your mind, body and spirit with the guidance of our skilled practitioners.

Authentic yoga and healing arts that nourish your whole
being - body, mind and spirit - performed by people that live their work.

Your mind, body & spirit.

Yoga classes, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Holistic Healing Modalities, Wellness Workshops, Retreats for your needs and more. 

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Find a yoga class and holistic healing that suites your needs and your schedule.

Come to a studio where you can be your authentic self in a community focused on   health, well being, and happiness.